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COVID19 Update from Dorchester Athletic Club and England Athletics 17 Mar 2020 March-17-2020



It is with regret that Dorchester Athletic Club Committee has unanimously decided that all club activities, including training, competing and its AGM will be suspended with immediate effect.

The decision was reached in the best interests of all our athletes and their families.

Will all persons responsible for paying the athletes’ club fees please cancel their Standing Order payments with effect from 1st April 2020.

We wish you all the best of health and employment over the months ahead and look forward to your return when club activities resume.


England Athletics

"England Athletics advises that all face-to-face activity such as club training sessions, events, competitions, club committee and face-to-face meetings, athlete camps, running groups and social events should be suspended until at least the end of April."


"Qualifying races

We are currently undergoing a contingency planning process for qualifying races and will keep everyone updated as soon as possible.

Road Races

We will be working with our partner runbritain to coordinate a communication detailing appropriate advice and guidance to road race organisers in the immediate future.


No emergency services will attend large gatherings so it is unavoidable that competitions will now be suspended until at least the end of April. We are in contact with event organisers to find suitable alternative dates within the competition calendar and the our cancellations page link is kept up to date:"


Dorchester Athletic Club Records

Hall of Fame

Senior Mens

Date Record

Senior Womens

Date Record

U17 Mens

Date Record

U17 Womens

Date Record
60m        Billy Winch 2018   8.14      
100m Steve Martin 1988 11secs Emma Snowden 1988 11.9secs Robinson Okumu 2015 10.9secs Holly Butt 2011 12.14secs
200m Steve Martin 1988 22.7secs Anna Gurd 1983 25.2 Robinson Okumu 2015 22.3secs Holly Butt 2012 25.4secs
300m                   Hannah Jeanes 2005 40.8
400m Gareth Manning 1994 50.2secs Anna Gurd 1984 55.41 Noel Reid 1989 51.0 Anna Gurd 1982 55.67
800m Gareth Manning 1995 1.52.04 Nikki Hamblin 2006 2.08.40 Steve Gay 1993 2.00.8 Nikki Hamblin 2004 2.06.18
1500m Mark Wiscombe 1996 3.54.9 Nikki Hamblin 2006 4.23.07 Ed Jackson 1998 4.06.5 Nikki Hamblin 2004 4.18.45
Mile Mark Wiscombe 1993 4.26.5 Nikki Hamblin 2007 4.59.09 Ed Jackson 1998 4.33.3 Jenny Hawthorne 1986 5.27.4
3000m Will Smith 1993 9.01.6 Jenny Hawthorne 1993 9.46.9 Ed Jackson 1998 8.58.1 Nikki Hamblin 2004 10.03.9
5000m Al Trent 1995 15.45.7 Louise Bardsley 2002 19.01.4
10000m Al Trent 1995 33.02 Louise Bardsley 2001 43.42
Marathon Steve Hendrie 1989 2.26
80m Hurdles                  

Jane Maddison

Jessica Newnham



12.1 (hand)

12.11 (auto)

100m Hurdles       Gemma Samphire 1991 15.2 Dan Perry 2019 14.6 Gemma Samphire 1987 16.1
110m Hurdles Steve Martin 1990 15.0
200m Hurdles Steve Martin 1988 26.3 Rebecca Pearce 1985 35.5 Jane Ridgers 1977 31.6
300m Hurdles                   Pippa Alford 2001 47.9
400m Hurdles Paul Selby 1988 57.0 Jenny Hawthorne 1988 62.6 Paul Selby 1986 58.7 Jenny Hawthorne 1986 66.2
1500m Steeplechase       Louise Bardsley 2003 5.24.38 Steve Gay 1993 4.25.6 Honor Slade 2012 6.47.2
2000m Steeplechase Steve Gay 1993 6.06.6 Louise Bardsley 2003 7.33.94 Steve Gay 1993 6.06.6
3000m Steeplechase Steve Gay 1994 9.41.5 Louise Bardsley 2003 11.38.57
3000m Walk Paul Rose 1983 16.52.7 Claire Swann 1997 18.53.8 Chris Hawthorne 1992 17.17.0 Charlotte Watts 2003 18.24.1
5000m Walk       Claire Swann 1997 34.17.1 Chris Hawthorne 1992 30.1.3
High Jump Paul Dovell 1996 2.09m Gemma Samphire 1992 1.78m Paul Dovell 1993 1.9.0m Gemma Samphire 1990 1.73m
Pole Vault Rich Tuck 1996 3.20m Rachel Kelly 1998 2.60m Paul Dovell 1992 3.10m Rachel Kelly 1997 2.40
Long Jump Paul Dovell 1996 6.78m Caroline McKenzie 1984 5.46 Dan Perry 2019 6.22 Catherine Wemyss 1993 5.30
Triple Jump Dave Morse 1983 13.32 Ellie Burn 2009 10.76 Paul Selby 1986 13.41 Ellie Burn 2005 10.74
Shot Jason Harding 1989 13.02 Anne Fowles 1982 13.04 Jason Harding 1992 15.36

Michelle Cornick

Imogen Slade



10.40 (4kg)

7.89 (3kg)

Discuss Ryan Smith 2015 37.56 Megan Tuck 2011 40.16 Ryan Smith 2013 48.11 Michelle Cornick 1993 37.26
Hammer Alistair Tuck 2014 49.63 Megan Tuck 2015 42.55 Alistair Tuck 2010 57.48 Megan Tuck 2008 37.08
Javelin Justin Rubio 1987 62.16 Justin Rubio 1985 64.80
Javelin 600kg New       Rachel Kelly 1999 34.76       Jemma Tewksbury 2007 40.92
Javelin 500kg                   Eva Bowring 2015 38.32
Javelin 600g Old       Jo Burton 1994 52.14       Jo Burton 1991 43.32
Pentathlon       Jenny Hawthorne 1987 2467pts Paul Selby 1985 2191pts Karen Brown 1980 2510pts
Heptathlon       Gemma Samphire 1993 3952pts       Catherine Wemyss 1992 3874pts
Decathlon Paul Selby 1991 4976pts

Paul McNamara

Darren Thomas

Dave Hugo

Steve Martin

1986 46.6secs

Emma Snowden

Debbie Mapp

Jenny Hawthorne

Caroline McKenzie

1988 51.4secs

Dave Morse

Rupert Stebbings

Tim Bevis

Charlie Mason

1982 48.9secs

Yolande Adams

Julie Waite

Karen Brown

Anna Gurd

1980 52.2secs

Brian Taylor

Gareth Manning

Paul Cobb

Mark Wiscombe

1994 3.27.0

Amy Shepherd

Nikki Bartlam

Jenny Hawthorne

Caroline McKenzie

1987 4.05.8

Adam Martin

Chris Standing

Greg Thomson

Nik Alagna

1988 3.48.8

Rebecca Pearce

Emma Snowden

Jenny Hawthorne

Lisa Stevenson

1985 4.22.0


Event U15 Boys Date Record U15 Girls Date Record U13 Boys Date Record U13 Girls Date Record
60m Vince Mason 2018 8.14secs  Katie Evans 2019 8.19secs            
75m       Rob Murray 1991 10.75secs Karen Brown 1977 10.2sec
100m Robinson Okumu 2014 11.39secs Holly Butt 2010 12.4secs Josh Misailides 2005 12.6 Karen Brown 1977 13.secs
150m                   Martha Baker 2009 20.5
200m Robinson Okumu 2014 23.2 Katie Evans 2019 25.45 Rob Sturmey 1983 25.9
300m Robinson Okumu 2014 37.5 Katie Evans 2019 41.33
400m Nik Alagna 1986 55.8
600m                   Imogen Slade 2010 1.59.6
800m Dave Caddy 1983 2.07.1 Nikki Hamblin 2002 2.11.29 Rob Sturmey 1983 2.20.7 Ann-Marie Rose 1986 2.28.3
1200m                   Madeleine Johnson 2014 4.01.3
1500m James Gisborne 1993 4.29.3 Nikki Hamblin 2002 4.30.45 Patrick Hogben 1996 4.38.1 Madeleine Johnson 2014 5.17.8
Mile Barry Dovell 1988 5.25.6 Jane Merchant 1987 5.31.4 Gemma Rose 1997 6.06.6
3000m James Gisborne 1993 10.02.7 Abbie Lawson 2002 11.07.7
60m Hurdles       Molly White 2019 9.62            
70m Hurdles                   Molly White 2016 11.3
75m Hurdles      

Carly Dean

Molly White



11.7 David Brown 1981 13.3

Tweka Frampton

Carly Dean





80m Hurdles Rob Sturmey 1985 12.2 James Kerley 1992 15.0
200m Hurdles Rob Sturmey 1986 30.0
1000m Walk       Chris Hawthorne 1987 7.00.2
2000m Walk                   Louise Bardsley 1993 13.18.8
2500m Walk       Emma Swann 1996 15.56.87      
3000m Walk Chris Hawthorne 1990 19.08.0 Louise Bardsley 1995 19.38.4 Pete Sturmey 1984 21.12.5 Emma Swann 1995 23.54.9
High Jump Adrian Cherrington 1983 1.73m Gemma Samphire 1988 1.60m Paul Dovell 1989 1.48m Beth Shepherd 1999 1.53m
Pole Vault Paul Dovell 1991 2.40 Rachel Dumbrell 2011 2.62 Ryan Dovell 1992 1.60 Rachel Dumbrell 2011 2.63
Long Jump Robinson Okumu 2014 6.0 Rosie Furse 1988 5.15 Rob Sturmey 1983 5.32 Beth Shepherd 1999 4.81
Triple Jump Paul Selby 1984 12.16 Annie Armstrong 2011 9.3 Daniel Lock 1982 10.61
Shot Pete Sturmey 1986 11.88 Pete Sturmey 1985 11.89 Lauren Davies 2000 9.52
Shot 3.25kg       Tweka Frampton 1983 10.41      
Shot 3kg       Alex Cocker 2014 8.45      
Discuss Thomas Wintrip 1982 32.94 Michelle Cornick 1991 35.52 Alistair Tuck 2006 21.61 Lucie Fry 2010 27.53
Hammer Alistair Tuck 2008 41.15 Honor Slade 2012 27.32
Javelin Justin Rubio 1983 58.78 Pete Sturmey 1985 42.30
Javelin 600g New       Jemma Teskbury 2006 38.66       Laura Carr 2001 31.61
Javelin 500g       Eva Bowring 2014 36.66      
Javelin 400g                   Jemma Tewksbury 2003 37.49
Pentahlon Dominic Wright 2006 2216pts Karen Brown 1979 2521pts Rob Dansey 1985 1657pts Gemma Samphire 1986 1888pts

Vince Mason

Charlie Brookes

Roni Brewer

Henry Bartlett

2019 48.67secs

Karen Brown

Anna Gurd

Yolande Adams

Mary Walker

1979 51.9secs

Rob Dansey

Daniel Lock

Steve Churchill

Ryan Dovell

1992 56.5secs

Pippa Alford

Lauren Bennett

Carly Dean

Kelly Talbot


Anna James

Rachel Dumbrell

Charlotte Faulkner

Martha Baker









Cora O'Brien

Zara English

Molly White

Katie Evans

2019 3mins


History of the Dorchester Athletic Club

The present day athletic club was formed during 1975, when some six interested people gathered together to form themselves into a club to be called Dorchester Athletic Club. Athletic activity had, of course, been taking place in the community long before this. In the nineteenth century the Eldridge Pope Brewery had a Horticultural and Athletic Club and there is a record of Dorchester Harriers competing against Weymouth Harriers in 1910. It is believed that athletic teams competed in the name of Dorchester between 1910 and 1975 as attachments to football clubs, rugby clubs or the YMCA.

Dorchester AC has had a number of "homes". Training has taken place at the recreation grounds at King's Road and Weymouth Avenue, at the site of Thomas Hardye School when it was Castlefield School and at Hardye's School at Barnes Way. The Club's strongest period was when it was at the old Hardye's School. The school generously made a series of clubrooms available to us, we were one of the dominant clubs in the region at both track and field and cross country and our female teams were promoted in successive years to Division 3 and Division 2 of the Southern Women's T & F League. The Club developed what is now its tradition of serving the wide community of west and central Dorset with members travelling from Wareham and Lyme Regis and from as far as Swanage and Sturminster Newton.

Since the sale of the Hardye's School Barnes Way site, the Club has had no home. Uncertainty as to whether community facilities would be provided for athletics in West Dorset has meant that the decision to site a clubhouse has remained on ice for several years. Equipment is stored by members of the Committee.

The enormous local talent and enthusiasm for athletics has ensured the continued success of the Club over recent years. We have excellent support from local schools. Summer training has been at St Osmund's Middle School in Dorchester since Hardye's School closed. Winter training has been at several venues, including The Prince of Wales School and a village hall in addition to use of the Thomas Hardye Leisure Centre. Dorchester Middle School gym has been a valuable additional winter venue recently.


The successes of the first twelve years of the Club were researched by past Secretary, Chris Cherrington, and published in the first Athletic Track Feasibility Study of 1987. Mike Furse, Club Statistician has provided a detailed history of the first two years of the Club. 

1976: Two Dorchester athletes won Couny Championship Track and Field Gold medals and another won the Senior Ladies Cross Country Championship. 

1977: Seven girls gained high placings in the Dorset County Cross Country Championships and in its first year's competition the Club was placed third in the Avalon League and third in the Southern Counties Women's track and Field League (Division 4).

1978: The Junior Ladies (U15) won age group trophies at the Dennett Trophy Meeting (at Yeovil) and were overall winners in the Avalon League (T&F).

1978: Facilities: Dorchester Town Council suggested the club may like to use land alongside the children's play area at the end of Mellstock Avenue for a track.

1979: Club Secretary (Garth Ridgers) was awarded the Echo Rothmans Service to Sport Award. The first Dorchester athlete to do so, gained a place at the English Schools National Championship.

1980: Two girls achieved 5th places in the English Schools Championships at 400m and Discus.

1981: A Dorchester Athlete gained fourth place at the English Schools Championships and at the Women's AAA Championships won a silver medal in her age group. The first ever Dorchester Mini-Games were staged at Piddlehinton; these have since become a very poipular annual event. The Club came second in the Avalon Track & Field League.

1982: A Dorchester Athlete gained a third place at the English Schools Championships and was later selected to represent the England Junior International Team at Meadowbank. Dorchester AC's Boys' Team won two age group trophies in the Westward and Avalon Track & Field Leagues. Five Dorchester Athletes were placed in the National Ranking Lists.

1983: Honours were very high during this year when achievements from Club Athletes were:- English Schools Boys' Champion Javelin Thrower; Southern Counties Boys' Champion Javelin Thrower; Top Ranked Boy Javelin Thrower in the Country and Dorset Sports Personality of the Year (Justin Rubio).A female Athlete gained a second place at the English Schools Championships (400m) and second place at the Womens' Southern Counties AAA Championships (400m) and another became British Colleges Champion at Shot Put. Team efforts saw Dorchester win the Westward League Competition, picking up several age group trophies. Seven Club Athletes were placed in the National Rankings Lists with two first place rankings: for Javelin and Long Jump.

1984: A female athlete placed 4th in the Womens AAA Championships (Shot Put). There was first place again in javelin at the English Schools Championships followed by selection as a Junior International. 1st and 3rd places were won in the Southern Counties AAA Championships at javelin. Dorchester was second overall in the Westward and Avalon Leagues. The Junior Ladies team won their age group trophy in the Avalon Cross country League. Membership numbered 121.

1984: Facilities: Chris Cherrington wrote to WDDC Planning Officer on behalf of the Club's Development Committee to object to development of the Brewery Sports Field for housing. To this date the club had used the Avenue Recreation Ground, King's Road Park, Castlefield School and Hardye's School. Chris wrote:"The lack of facilities under our control mitigate against the club in several ways. For example it has only been possible to stage one track and field meeting a year, for under 13 year olds, because of conflicting demands for Hardye's sports field. As a consequence all our league matches are away from home. This not only deprives many people of Dorchester from watching their athletic club compete but it also involves the club with the extra burden of fund raising to sponsor the high cost of travel." The application was approved.

1985: The Club had a third place in the English Schools Championships (Javelin) and a seventh place in the 100m. There were second and third places in Javelin in the AAA Championships and SEAA Championships respectively. The Club was second overall in the Westward and Avalon Leagues. Two athletes were ranked in the national lists.Membership rose to 144.

1986: Dorchester had its first International representative at cross country. Four athletes went to the English Schools Championships. Dorchester athletes were at the Southern Counties AAA Championships and gained two third places. At the Women's AAA Championships Dorchester was represented in the 400m Hiurdles. A Dorchester athlete represented Barclays Bank at an International event. The Club rejoined the Southern Women's Track and Field League and finished in second place in Division 4 to gain promotion to Division 3. The Club had 5 qualified club coaches and 7 qualified assistant club coaches.

1986: Facilities: Dorchester and District Sports Advisory Council produced a questionnaire for sports clubs to inform the Dorchester Town Council what land requirements they had. The Duchy had made available a five acre site at Fordington Farm. The Club made a bid for a grass track which would be alongside the club room which had been made available by Hardye's School. Through a variety of grants the Club now had adequate equipment. After the press had reported that a track would not be incorporated, Mike Furse wrote to the Town Council: "Of the popular playing-field sports, athletics and football are the least well served in Dorchester and most in need of support. Our proposal to the Dorchester SAC seeks to provide a scheme which integrates both these needs to the detriment of neither. Other sports, for which you are prepared to make provision at Fordington, already have some acceptable facilities in the town, even if these are not optimal."

1987: Dorchester finished runners up in both the Avalon and Westward T&F Leagues. The Club also gained promotion to Division 2 of the Southern Women's Track and Field League: the second year running the Club had gained promotion in that league. Two athletes won South West Counties Cross Country Championships. The Junior Ladies Team won their section of the Avalon Cross Country League. The Senior Ladies Champion was a Dorchester athlete. Two sixth places and a ninth were gained in National Track and Field Championships and four athletes broke County Records. A Dorchester athlete was Southern Counties WAAA Under 19 800m Champion. Highest National Ranking was sixth in Under 13 High Jump. The Club hosted the South West 20K Road Race Walking Championships and the County Cross Country Championships.

1988: Nine athletes represented Dorset in the South West Championships. Dorchester AC won the final Avalon League match to come second overall; the Club won all the female age groups. The Club entered the Southern Men's League and won the division to be promoted at the first opportunity. Five members took part in the English Schools National Championships and returned with a third place in the Senior Girls' 100m and a sixth place in the 400m Hurdles. Club athletes won two County Cross Country Championships.

1989: A Dorchester athlete represented England in the World Cross Country Trial and three other female athletes were South West Counties Champions. Dorchester took first place in the Avaloin Cross Country League Senior Women. The Club's Inter Ladies Team was invited to the National Cross Country Relays and placed ninth. The National Under 20 Indoor 3000m Championship was won by a Dorchester athlete as was the British Universities 800m Championship. Seventeen gold, twenty one silver and twelve bronze medals were won by Dorchester athletes at the County Championships, three wins being Championship best performances. Three gold medals were won by a Club member at the Somerset Championships. The Southern Men's League Team were again promoted. Inters and Girls Teams were first in the Avalon League and the Ladies Team was first overall in the Westward League. In the World Veterans Championships a Dorchester athlete won silver in the 400m hurdles and ninth place in the 1500m. The latter athlete was first in the UK (35) veterans 400m hurdles in a new English record. National Age Group Rankings included a third place for 400m hurdles and an eleventh for high jump.

1990: Four Club athletes represented South West Counties, three in a meeting against Wales and Southern Counties. A member won two gold medals at the British Colleges Championships. Eight Club members were ranked in the top three of their events for the South West of England. A second place was won in the high jump at the Southern Women's AAA Championships. Three athletes competed in the English Schools Championships: another competed successfully for the British Universities Cross Country Team. A Dorchester member was nominated for a Southern Men's League Athlete of the Year Award. Female athletes were ranked nationally seventh (high jump) and twelfth (javelin) in the under 17 age group.

1991: Third place was gained in the Women's AAA National Indoor high jump (Inter age group). In the National Universities Championships Club members achieved a first place (3000m), a second (800m) and a third (javelin). Ten County Championships were won by Dorchester athletes. A Member came second in the Southern Counties Under 17 walk. Three Members represented the South West in an under 20 meeting. Four young Members represented Dorset in the English Schools Championships gaining fifth place (high jump), 6th (discus), 9th (javelin), and 21st (high jump). A new County Record was thrown in the girl's discus, and third place was taken in the WAAA's National Championship. The Club was promoted to the First Division of the new South West Athletics League at the first attempt, the senior women, colts and walks teams each winning their Division. Dorchester was second overall in the South West Athletics League Cup: the senior women were champions. Second and fifth places were recorded by Club runners in the South West Cross Country.

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