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Green and Gold best PBs at Swindon October-19-2020

The Swindon Open last weekend proved another successful event for our splendid sprint group with many PBs being bettered at 200m, 300m and 400m. For photos: 


Be Inspired ... Be Inspiring

The science of Success is a balance of:

Techical Skill + Physical Fitness + Self-Belief + Tactical Strategy

= Successful Performance

Mental Strength

February 3, 2020
When to Train Your Brain

Train your brain more often than you train your body. For many sports, over 90% of success is produced from mental preparation and effort.

Daily, train your brain in the quiet of your free time and before each training session.

Then before you compete, use the power of your trained mind to visualise your successful performance and prepare your subconscious to control your processes.

Subconscious control gives speedier and more accurate reactions.

Consciousness can only think of one thing at a time, so give it something useful to do such as focusing on your breathing. In this way it connects with your mental training and supports your subconscious as well as feeding your muscles.

"Remember your focus determines your reality"
Qui-Gon Jinn, Star Wars episode 1

February 2, 2020

Visualisation or mental rehearsal is a powerful way of preparing for an event.

It starts with having experience of the event in real time, so, for instance, competing in an athletics event at a familiar venue. Remember the Internet allows us to see venues we haven't visited before and in this way become familiar with them.

Visualising your performance prepares your mind, body and soul for the coming event.

You start with quietening your thoughts. Sit or lie down in a quiet space, close your eyes and breathe normally.

Focus your concentration on your breathing and the action of inhaling, feeling the soothing inbreath; and then exhaling slowly until the breath disappears. Repeating naturally.

If thoughts appear in your mind allow them to pass through without any analysis, say "Hi thought" and away it goes, blown away with each exhalation.

As your thoughts disappear, keep focusing on your breathing and your mind gradually becomes quieter and a space onto which you can imprint a film of you successfully performing your technical and tactical processes.

So now let's develop the film; see yourself arring at the venue of the event. Breathe in the familiar atmosphere and exhale any anxieties.

See yourself competing as you move towards the start and go through your setup. Then at the sound of the [gun for track] [horn for field], see yourself successfully going through your technical processes and tactical strategy, which you have been training to use. It is important to only reproduce your training performance when visualising competition performance; this is because you need to believe in the realism of the image you create in your mind.

Visualisation is about success, it is a powerful way to improve performance, hence you must only visualise success to provide only positive mental imprints.

Breathe and remind yourself with self-congratulation that it is like you to perform well.

You are the success you believe yourself to be.


 Victor's Win First, then Compete.

Champions are a combination of their Technical Skills, Mental Strength, Physical Fitness and Tactical Ability. Your Self-Belief must be equal to your Skills, Abilities and Performance in order to Win.

Every Champion has a display of their best achievements; often called a Wall of Fame; it allows the athlete to remind themselves of their current ability and the goals they're aiming for.

Celebrate your successes and train your solutions; always looking forward to something you want to have happen.

 This is an exploration into creating Mental Strength; it is based on my competing and coaching experiences. I am happy to share my knowledge with Dorchester Athletic Club athletes and answer any questions it raises; either in person on training days or asynchronously.

For Individual coaching to develop Mental Strength email Chris 


What winning looks like



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