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COVID19 Update from Dorchester Athletic Club and England Athletics 17 Mar 2020 March-17-2020



It is with regret that Dorchester Athletic Club Committee has unanimously decided that all club activities, including training, competing and its AGM will be suspended with immediate effect.

The decision was reached in the best interests of all our athletes and their families.

Will all persons responsible for paying the athletes’ club fees please cancel their Standing Order payments with effect from 1st April 2020.

We wish you all the best of health and employment over the months ahead and look forward to your return when club activities resume.


England Athletics

"England Athletics advises that all face-to-face activity such as club training sessions, events, competitions, club committee and face-to-face meetings, athlete camps, running groups and social events should be suspended until at least the end of April."


"Qualifying races

We are currently undergoing a contingency planning process for qualifying races and will keep everyone updated as soon as possible.

Road Races

We will be working with our partner runbritain to coordinate a communication detailing appropriate advice and guidance to road race organisers in the immediate future.


No emergency services will attend large gatherings so it is unavoidable that competitions will now be suspended until at least the end of April. We are in contact with event organisers to find suitable alternative dates within the competition calendar and the our cancellations page link is kept up to date:"


Be Inspired ... Be Inspiring

The science of Success is a balance of:

Techical Skill + Physical Fitness + Self-Belief + Tactical Strategy

= Successful Performance

Mental Strength

March 9, 2020
Managing Nerves

"I embrace them, I enjoy them. Makes you faster, makes you sharper. Means your alive and having fun" Freddie Flintoff,

Self-confidence provides the environment for Success because you are constantly moving forwards towards improvements in performance, which continually redefine your comfort zone through successive PBs as you grow your Mindset and Skill set into the Champion you’ve dreamt of becoming.

At the beginning there was the dream, the goal, the ambition. With encouragement through training there came the seeds of belief in the possibility of the dream becoming reality. Nurturing through positive developmental feedback and positive self-reflection there came the motivation and dedication to persevere.

Positive reflection builds your self-belief into an amazing journey of positive performances and experiences.

If you grow into your Success you will believe in your ability to continually improve your performance through hard work, training and coaching.

Athletes who believe this are better able to cope with obstacles and setbacks. Athletes with this mindset are more likely to be in the top 5% of performers.

Nerves give you the edge to feel on the cusp of greatness. Feel like you belong and know that you deserve to be competing in whatever event. See yourself performing Successfully.

Now realise the benefit of your training to become the competitor you want to be.


 Victor's Win First, then Compete.

Champions are a combination of their Technical Skills, Mental Strength, Physical Fitness and Tactical Ability. Your Self-Belief must be equal to your Skills, Abilities and Performance in order to Win.

Every Champion has a display of their best achievements; often called a Wall of Fame; it allows the athlete to remind themselves of their current ability and the goals they're aiming for.

Celebrate your successes and train your solutions; always looking forward to something you want to have happen.

 This is an exploration into creating Mental Strength; it is based on my competing and coaching experiences. I am happy to share my knowledge with Dorchester Athletic Club athletes and answer any questions it raises; either in person on training days or asynchronously.

For Individual coaching to develop Mental Strength email Chris 


What winning looks like



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