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Green and Gold best PBs at Swindon October-19-2020

The Swindon Open last weekend proved another successful event for our splendid sprint group with many PBs being bettered at 200m, 300m and 400m. For photos: 


Be Inspired ... Be Inspiring

The science of Success is a balance of:

Techical Skill + Physical Fitness + Self-Belief + Tactical Strategy

= Successful Performance

Mental Strength

April 16, 2020
Thought for every day

Of all the words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these

"it might have been"

The Lavender Hill Mob, Ealing Studios 1951

April 10, 2020
Under Pressure

"Never lose Hope. Hopelessness is the real cause of failure" Dalai Lama, 2002

It is reasonable to feel emotional and anxious whenever you feel under pressure.

Factors affecting the degree of pressure you feel can be based in the present moment or issues from the past that resurface and affect your mood.

One thing is certain, you need to reduce or resolve these sensations before you can move forward and, or, perform as well as you are capable of doing.

So, take a breathing space to reconnect with your logical self. Close your eyes and spend a few moments concentrating on your inhalation and exhalation. Allow your mind to clear itself of clutter. Mindfulness meditation is an excellent method for achieving this. []

Now use positive thoughts to recall your goals and ambitions; these are the reasons why you are striving to achieve something and give you a renewed sense of purpose.

The motivation to strive comes from a desire to move forward to achieve or to change something.

So recall the enjoyment you felt at the start, when you set out on your journey and use this to reinvigorate you physically and mentally. Use your renewed positivity to view yourself with empathy and compassion, to unlock options to take you back to where you want to be and how you want to feel when you're performing successfully.

To remind yourself of your commitment to achieve your goal or ambition, write down a positive statement of your intention; including:
• What do you want to do?
• Why do you want to do it?
• When do you want to achieve it by?
• What will achievement mean to you?
• What will you commit to do to develop yourself into the person you want to be?
• How will you know you have succeeded?
• What do you want to achieve next?

Celebrate your successes, reward your efforts and remain full of hope.

Cool Runnings.


 Victor's Win First, then Compete.

Champions are a combination of their Technical Skills, Mental Strength, Physical Fitness and Tactical Ability. Your Self-Belief must be equal to your Skills, Abilities and Performance in order to Win.

Every Champion has a display of their best achievements; often called a Wall of Fame; it allows the athlete to remind themselves of their current ability and the goals they're aiming for.

Celebrate your successes and train your solutions; always looking forward to something you want to have happen.

 This is an exploration into creating Mental Strength; it is based on my competing and coaching experiences. I am happy to share my knowledge with Dorchester Athletic Club athletes and answer any questions it raises; either in person on training days or asynchronously.

For Individual coaching to develop Mental Strength email Chris 


What winning looks like



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